Thanks for signing up for Season 7 of our Co-Ed Youth League (Ages 6-8)! Please stay posted to this thread for updated scheduling, roster info and other league details as they break over the next couple weeks!

(Updated 10/8):  The full season schedule is now live here!  You can also navigate right to the link.  From the Main Main Menu Bar > Youth Basketball > Youth Basketball League (Ages 6-8) > Youth Basketball League (Ages 6-8) Schedule.  Good luck to everyone in the season ahead!

(Updated 10/6):  Opening day was amazing!  We would like to thank all the parents, coaches and volunteers for helping out and for all the families for playing this season!  The rosters are now complete and are as follows:

(Updated 10/3):  We need coaches!  If you didn’t sign up to coach when you registered but want to help out now please let us know!  If you know any coaches or basketball enthusiasts in your family or friends circle please send them our way!  Any interested candidates can reach out to Chas at!

(Updated 10/3):  All games and practices are at the North Buffalo Community Center located at 203 Sanders Rd, Buffalo, NY 14216.

(Updated 10/2):  Here is the exact roster for each group this Saturday:

New Players (12 pm):  Ariyele Gram, Drew Potenza, Will Potenza, Camiyah Smith, Clifford Washington III, Sonny Martinez, Sam Hurley, MICHAEL DITULLIO, Carter Steiner, Cameron Johnson, Victoria Lauer, Alexander Tarapacki, Josiah Hutchinson, Robert Daniels, Allen Knight V, Maison Biles, Jayshon Reed, Carter Williams,
Henry Snyder, Damon Dixon Jr., Damien King, MARZELL RAY, Julian Cole, Marion Barry, Cantrell Mitchell III, Younis Saif, Louis Roma, Estelle Roma, Tilly Scanlon, Ziare Harwell, Jerney Moss, Micah Gilley, Jarel Shipp, Luis Rodriguez, King Ellison, Anthony Flood, Saleem McGrath

Returning Players (1 pm):  Greyson Gordon, Oliver Gill, Jack Lester, Ian Cavanaugh, Anderson Jackson, Drew SMITH, Richard Abrams, Gavin Stroehlein, Paul Rubino, Joseph Constantine, Donovan Franklin, Jax Jamieson, Colin Poppenberg, Lamir Chambers, Cole Cowan, Jack Pekarski, Evan Ditullio, Travell Edwards, Tyler DeGarmo, Jace Narvaez, Lucas Reiss, Kavari Livingston, Mason Shugg, Lennox Kohorst, RahKai Crule, Adrian Abrams, MJ Gibbons, DYLAN SCHNEIDER, Mi’Lynn Hames, Gareth Jones, Adonte Williams, Devin Jemison, Brielle Burney, Jason Schmitt, Colt Miller, ARSHAYAN KENNIYOODSAN, Howard Gibbons, Jermaine Mcmillion, Akeem McCallar, Jaylen Earl, Ayden Tubbins, Nuri Colvin, Naasir Gigi

(Updated 10/1):  The league is now sold out!  Opening day is this Saturday!  All new players are to report to the NBCC at 12 pm.  Returning players are to report to the gym at 1 pm.