Champions League Schedule

champions-league-download-schedule*** All players must play in four regular season games to qualify for postseason play. ***

*** If you forfeit a game you are responsible to pay your team and your opponents referee fees! ***

*** Please check your venue before every game to make sure you are headed to the right gym! ***

Week 1 (June 25):

Knights of Columbus (1530 Kenmore Ave, Buffalo, NY 14216)
2:00 pm:  Healthy Buffalo (Chas Kirsch) vs. Triple Threats (Shawn Satarian)
2:55 pm:  Team NBA (Kobe Robinson) vs. Good On Paper (Zachary Schenk)
3:50 pm:  Team SF (Bashir Ansari) vs. Billies (Rich Lynch)
4:45 pm:  Run N’ Gun (Uchenna Gigi) vs. 3 The Hard Way (Noah McHale)
5:40 pm:  Gladiators (Marcus Hervey) vs. Shining Force (Oliver Jones)
6:35 pm:  Kawhi Me A River (Quentin Taylor) vs. White Men Can’t Jump (Frankie Musso)
7:30 pm:  Ball Is Life (Mike Bass) vs.  The Fab 6 (Ryan Hildebrand)
8:25 pm:  Hardwork (Andre Adams) vs. Toon Squad (Jason Mang)
9:20 pm: 
Losson Legends (Jordan Kumro) vs. Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy (Brandon Dudek)

North Buffalo Community Center (203 Sanders Road, Buffalo, NY 14216)
2:30 pm:  The North Remembers (Nicholas Vona) vs. Drunken Gators (Marc Kech)
3:25 pm:  The Immortals (Gary Lewis) vs. BBQ Chicken (Louis Megna)
4:20 pm: Those Guys (Connor Sears) vs. Average Guys (Mark Ward)
5:15 pm:  Very Aggressive Guys (Jake Walkow) vs. U.H. (Mike Capuana)