FullSizeRenderThis weeks featured game showcased the leagues only two undefeated teams pitted against each other.   It was a much anticipated match up as the defensive strong Maple Fever faced the high powered offense of Blizzard of ’77.  The hype didn’t let down.

It was a back and forth opening period which highlighted the defensive strength of both teams, Bill O’Hare was able find the back of the net for Blizzard of ’77 for the only goal of the period.  Maple Fever responded in the second when Randy Krupski dropped his second goal of the season to even the match.  It was a stale mate entering the third, neither team willing to give an inch in their defensive zones. It wasn’t until about half way through the third when O’Hare broke the ice with his second goal to give Blizzard a 2-1 lead.  The lead was short lived as Andrew Tamchyna scored his first goal of the season to tie the game up for Maple Fever.  Shortly after, Tamchyna scored again to give Maple Fever a 3-2 late in the third.  Blizzard of ’77 had a few good looks late, but could not capitalize as Maple Fever holds on to the victory.

Polar Vortex looked for its first win of the season, while Pup ‘N Suds needed the win to lock in their playoff spot.  Pup ‘N Suds jumped out to a huge 4-0 lead through the first on Tori Suto’s 2 points and Bryan Bader’s 2 goals.  Jen Rodriguez scored her first goal of the season in the second period widening the lead for Pup ‘N Suds.  Both Courtney Banas and Jen Raymond scored 2 points each to put Polar Vortex on the board in the third, but ultimately it wasn’t enough.  Pup ‘N Suds locks up their playoff spot 8 -4.

With Sonic Broom’s playoff doors officially closed, their matchup against New Era Cap turned into a game of fun…… and little defense.  Sonic Broom jumped out to a 7-4 first period lead on hat tricks from both Pat Sullivan and Mat Nish.  Greg Jackson scored 2 of the 4 opening period goals for New Era.  Andrew Janis opened up scoring in the second period with his second goal of the match before the ladies of Sonic Broom took over.  Christina Lynch scored 2 points and Brittney Dillemuth scored the first 2 of her 4 total points to add to Sonics lead.  Greg Jackson remained dominate for New Era cap with additional goals in the second and third, but it wasn’t enough as Sonic Broom swept past New Era Cap in the 16-7 victory.

8 Main & Friends grabbed their second win of the season against Sweepy Hollow, on captain and league leading scorer Sarah McDougall’s 4 points.  The season 1 champion, Sweepy Hollow, could not answer as one of their team captains Ramon Suarez missed the game for personal reasons.   Even following the loss, Sweepy Hollow will enter the playoffs for its third consecutive season.