Thanks for signing up for Season 3 of our Boys Basketball League (Ages 8-10)! Please stay posted to this thread for updated scheduling, roster info and other league details as they break over the next couple weeks!

(7/11/19):  The first night of games is here!  Please arrive at least fifteen minutes before your game to get acclimated and grab your jersey, which will be at the gym for pickup.  Good luck to everyone!

(6/29/19):  The complete season schedule is now live!  Click here to check it out!  The Practice Schedule is on top, with the Game Schedule directly below!  Jerseys will be handed out before the first game.  If you have any other questions let us know!

(6/26/19):  The full season schedule will be completed shortly.  When completed it will be posted here.

(6/25/19):  The schedule for practice this Thursday is as follows:

Team Practice #1 (6/27)

5:00 pm:  Warriors & Celtics
5:45 pm:  Knicks & Lakers
6:30 pm:  Spurs & Bulls

(6/25/19):  Introducing the 2019 Healthy Buffalo Boys Basketball League Rosters!  Good luck to all throughout the season!

(6/23/19):  Please report to the North Buffalo Community Center five minutes before the start of your session listed below.  The address of the NBCC is 203 Sanders Rd, Buffalo, NY 14216.

(6/23/19):  Everyone’s name who is registered has now been added to the list below as of 11 pm Sunday night.  We still have five (5) spots left. Sold Out!  If you register between now and opening day please report to the 5:20 pm session if possible.

(Updated 6/23/19):  Opening night is this Monday!  We will split the kids up into two groups.  The younger kids will report to the NBCC at 5:20 pm and the older kids at 6:10 pm.  Here is the exact breakdown by league roster:

5:20 pm (Ages 8-9):  MJ Gibbons, Colton Becker, Quintin Greenwood, Kevin Agee, Cameron Johnson, Desean Eaton, Jett Bogner, Dominic Maracle Jr, Jordan Webster, Christian Archie, Aaron Barmore, MICHAEL DITULLIO, Vincent Humphrey, Rasson Humphrey, Glenn Jeffries, Nieyann Anderson, Landon Patterson, Gordon Dean, Nathaniel Smalls, Nasir Kokumo, Reece Graham, Isaac Lowinger, Elijah Acosta, Harland Kirsch, Rainier Kirsch, Ezekiel Mosher, Juelz Owens, Stephen Kyser Jr, Terrance Kyser

6:10 pm (Ages 9-10):  Kanaan Smith, Jaion White, Santana Boykin, Malcolm Ransom, Christian Gill, Tahj Hearst-Wilson, Kingston Wood, KELVIN THOMAS JR, Jarrell Love jr, Myles Dupree, Evan Hayward, Isaiah OHara, Damahjay Mcclure, De’ Jheir Walker, Michael Mitchell, Deontae Lipscomb jr, Darien White, Demario Badger, Anthony LeBron, Hudson Herron, Jackson Van Dewater, Ryan Kane, Braeden Thornton, Khaeden Thornton, Julyan Biggie, ELIJAH ROBERSON, Maceo Chestnut,

(Updated 6/20/19):  We still have room for ten more participants in the league!  Click here to register!  Sold Out!