Thanks for signing up for second season of our critically acclaimed Co-Ed Softball League! Please stay posted to this thread for updated scheduling, roster info and other league details as they break over the next couple weeks!

(6/6/19):  Captains Meeting Tonight at 9 pm!  Meet us at Blackthorn at 9 pm tonight to review all the league rules and guidelines.  We may have jerseys, scorebooks and balls there for pickup too if we get everything ready in time.  What if you can’t make it?  No worries.  It just gives you an opportunity to get a heads up on the rules and provide your feedback.

(6/6/19):  We wish we had a preview pic of the jerseys to post, but they are coming right down to the wire!  We’ll post once available.

(6/5/19):  The entire season schedule is now live here!  We have it labelled as ‘DRAFT’ for the time being to give every team a chance to look it over and make sure we didn’t make any glaring mistakes.  We’ll leave the window open for feedback for a couple more days then it will be final.

(5/31/19):  The jerseys are en route.  We have buckets full of balls ready to roll and the schedule should be live by early next week.  Stay tuned!

(5/30/19):  That is a wrap on registration!  The league is now sold out.  The full season schedule should be live by early next week!

(5/24/19):  Early registration ends tonight!  Save $50 by registering before midnight.  Here is the link with details and to registerWe only have room for two more teams.  SOLD OUT!

(Updated 5/30/19) Registration is slamming!  Here is the roster of teams thus far:

  1. Healthy Buffalo (Chas Kirsch)
  2. Shining Force (Dallas Taylor)
  3. Game of Throws (Caitlin Biddle)
  4. Wingerz (Devin Chavanne)
  5. Monkey Business (Rodney Rodreguez)
  6. Neva Lost (Jacob Cashion)
  7. Bat Intentions (Corey Carden)
  8. Alcian Blue Devils (Brittany Baker)
  9. I’d Hit That (Kirstie Dlugosz)
  10. Spitfires (Jonathan Hagen)
  11. Red, White & Booze (Joe O’Connor)
  12. Brokebat Mountain (Joshua Esplugas)

(5/21/19) Registration Update:  All six teams from last year verbally committed to come back for another season.  Awesome!  We have two brand new teams and put an additional team together from free agent players.  That puts us up to nine.  We have also going back and forth with a couple potential new teams.  It all makes for a very exciting upcoming season!