APEX B League Semifinals Recap



8:00 (2) Gimmie Sum A Dat Juice 52 – (3) Solid Basketball Group 40

9:00 (1) Beals On Wheels 44 – (4) Heath Block Club 26

Next week’s championship game will feature the number 1 and 2 seeds Beals On Wheels and Gimmie Sum A Dat Juice!

Getzville, NY- Despite the lineup limited to only five and missing key player Kenny Campbell, Gimmie Sum A Dat Juice managed to oust Solid Basketball Group from the playoffs to appear in yet another championship game.  Brian Poppagallo led the team in points with 16, followed by Nate Schute with 12 and Ray Bailey with 11.  Solid Basketball group managed to post a total of 40 points thanks to Chris Hillman, Tariq Ansari, and Dwight Barlow recording 13, 11, and 10 points respectively.  Unfortunately, no other players could solve the Juice’s defense.  Fouls also played a major role in the game with a total of 17 team fouls for Solid Basketball Group, of which Gimme Sum A Dat Juice recouped 11 free throws.

On the other coast, number 1 seed Beals On Wheels put an end to Heath Block Club’s season by a devastating 44 – 26.  The Wheels held top scorers Marquis Siner, Tim Olsen, and Ryan McQueeney to a to a total of 10 points combined.  The only player to break through their defenses was Deonte Paige with a team high of 12 points.  Scoring for the Wheels was more rounded.  Kyle Stotz led the team with 10 points.  Jeff Wheeler and Robert Stephon chipped in 8 a piece followed by Nick Wheeler, Scott Wheeler, and Brian Wheeler with 7, 6, and 5.

It looks like some key points to watch for in the next game will be for the Wheels to contain the high powered players on the Juice’s offense while at the same time being careful to keep them off the foul line.  The Juice is going to have to try and stay fresh to keep up with the depth and consistency that the Wheels lineup has to offer and solve their strong defense.

When reached for comment on his pick for which team will emerge as league champion, Healthy Buffalo Founder Chas Kirsch had this to say: “Well, you know I think it’s too close to call at this point, you know AZ.  Both of these teams have shown great consistency and a lot of heart.  The only thing I know is that these B leaguers are gonna have to bring their A game next week. May the best team win!”

We have two great teams here and both know what’s at stake.  We will see it decided on the court next week.  Be there!!!

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