No more excuses, it’s playoff time.

1pm:  (2) Billies v. (7) Points In A Hurry
2pm:  (3) Reloaded v. (6) Flint Tropics
3pm:  (4) Concrete v. (5) Swagged Out
4pm:  (2) Sponge Bob Square Pants v. (7) IMPROV
5pm:  (3) R.I.P. Ent v. (6) Court Justice
6pm:  (4) Spartans v. (5) Norfolk N’ Chance
7pm:  (1) The U.H. v. (8) VeryAggressiveGuys
8pm:  (1) UPB v. (8) Hoosiers

BSWA Players,

The playoffs for Kronies Jamfest 5 are shaping up to be the best ever.  It took an hour just to work through all the tiebreakers for seeding, as we had two two-way ties and two three-way ties that had to go to total points for positioning.  From the top to bottom of each division, it couldn’t possibly be a more balanced playing field.  No game is a given from here on out.  In our fifth season, the rivalries between teams are stronger than ever.  This is one reason Kronies Jamfest is Buffalo’s top basketball league.  Rest up Saturday because it’s do or dies from hear on out.  Personally, I can’t wait for Sunday’s action.  Good luck to everyone.

– Chas Kirsch
President & Founder