Justin Andreozzi Healthy Buffalo

Papincak makes good on guarantee as the Toon Squad upsets the Black Market to advance to the semis.  In League B the Billies play to perfection to knock off White Men Can’t Jump despite the loss of Mark Ward.  

Buffalo, NY-  In a brief interview with Healthy Buffalo reporters last Thursday John Papincak thought league analysts were premature in righting off their chances of winning on Saturday against the number three seed Black Market.  The Looney Toon’s starting guard and the league’s number four all-time scorer could not understand how a team with such strong pedigree, including not just the league’s number four all-time scorer, but also the league’s number nine (Mike Ridge) and 16 (Justin Andreozzi) all-time scorers could be written off so easy.  He proved his point this past Saturday as captain Andreozzi cancelled his vacation and battled a 103 degree fever to lead the Toon Squad in a come from behind victory over the Black Market.  Andreozzi scored 19 points, including two 3-pointers down the stretch to force overtime before ending the hopes and dreams of the Black Market.  Black Market’s Mansa Habeeb led all scorers with 22 points, but it wasn’t enough to knock off the Toon Squad who will have their hands full in a semifinals matchup against the West Side Connection.  Despite the loss, the Black Market had a solid debut season and will hopefully look to make a deeper run in the playoffs next season.

There was another thriller in League B as the Billies knocked off league rival White Men Can’t Jump, despite an injury to their leading scorer Mark Ward.  This one was tight throughout as White Men Can’t Jump carried a two point lead into the half.  Seven minutes into the half the Billies Mark Ward left the game with a hamstring injury and did not return.  It did not look good for the Billies, who were desperate to keep their title hopes alive.  Yet somehow in Ward’s absence the rest of his team stepped up, keeping the Billies within striking distance.  With 13 seconds remaining and a one point lead, White Men Can’t Jump’s captain Frankie Musso had the ball and an opportunity to run out the clock.  Instead, under pressure from Billies defenders, he threw an errant cross court pass that was intercepted and converted into the winning basket.  Musso will have a hard time living down his costly turnover, but hopefully he will channel that anger and the bitter taste of defeat into another run next season as I’m sure they will be back for Season 13.

The action resumes tomorrow afternoon at 3 pm.  You do not want to miss it!

SEMIS & FINALS (12/13):

3 pm:  (1) Sometimers v. (6) Billies
4 pm:  (2) Triple Threats v. (4) Masten Finest
5 pm:  (1) West Side Connection v. (6) Toon Squad
6 pm:  (2) Buffalo Braves v. (5) Monki Business