Season 3 Week 2

Our first game of the night featured Maple Fever vs Polar Vortex.  Polar Vortex jumped out to an early first period lead with a goal from Curtis Hohl.  However it wasn’t enough as Tony Chiaramonte was just warming up.  Tony netted a hat trick between the second and third periods to lead Maple Fever to a 3-1 victory.  Maple Fever remains undefeated in their inaugural season, while Polar Vortex is still searching for their first win.

In the second matchup Pup N Suds and New Era Cap battled each other for their first victory of the season.  Pup N Suds jumped out to an early lead with first period goals from Joe Kapuscinski and Brian Osieja.  They didn’t look back as Tori Suto added 2 points in the second and Bryan Bader added 4 goals between the second and third.  Greg Jackson scored a hat trick for New Era Cap, but it wasn’t enough.  Pup N Suds earns its first win, 9-4.

Blizzard of 77 faced off against Sarah McDougall and 8 Main & Friends in the 8pm game.  Emily Ciccarella opened up scoring in the first few minutes of the game, followed up by Gabrielle Ormond about 5 minutes later helping Blizzard of 77 to a 5-0 first period lead.  Captain Sarah McDougall scored two goals in the second to bring 8 Main back in the contention.  In the end Blizzard of 77 held on and claimed the victory 6-4.

The final game of the night was a much-anticipated rematch of the Season 2 championship game.  Would Sweepy Hollow avenge its championship loss, or would Sonic Broom continue its dominant winning streak?  It was a physical game from the opening faceoff.  Brandon Siclari was on a mission, scoring two early goals for Sweepy Hollow.  Jonathan Dann and Jacquie Huntz added another 2 points each as Sweepy Hollow dominated the rematch.  Sweepy Hollow wins 7-1 and hands Sonic Broom their first loss of the season.