Updates will be posted here as they break!

(10/14/18), 9:36 pm):  The final schedule is now complete and posted here.  This will likely be the last post on this thread unless any further issues arise or items need to be addressed, but hopefully it is smooth sailing from here on out.  Good luck to all in the season ahead!

(10/12/18 11:03 pm):  Sick video.  Special thanks to Xylograph films for coming out and putting this beauty together.

(10/11/18, 6:35 pm):  Here are the final rosters!  Good luck to all in the season ahead.  The schedule should be up by Saturday.

(10/10/18, 8:00 am):  Thanks to everyone for coming out and taking part in opening night!  The only bad news was the moisture on the gym floor that cut us short.  We will have the final rosters posted here shortly and hope to have the complete season schedule up by Saturday.  Check out our Facebook page here for the complete live stream of opening night.

(10/8/2018, 8:30 am):  The team names will be as follows: Renaissance Ballers (David Davis), Legion (Seann Nelson), Legends (Joseph Zogaria), Shots on You (Aaron Vancamp), The Process (Baltazar ‘Sonny’ Abraham) and Razzle Dazzle (Marcus Hervey).

(10/8/18, 11:32 pm):  Captains are set as follows:  David Davis, Aaron Vancamp, Joseph Zogaria, Seann Nelson, Marcus Hervey, and Baltazar ‘Sonny’ Abraham.  Captains, make sure to have a solid team name.  The word ‘Team’ followed by your last name won’t cut it.  Thank you everyone who volunteered to captain, the six that were chosen, were chosen because they all have at least a couple seasons in the league, are pretty similar skill-wise, know most of the guys out here playing, and are relatively level-headed.

(10/8/18, 11:04 pm):  Captains, take note, here is the complete league roster:

(10/8/18, 10:52 pm):  Welcome back Chris Forte.  You got the last spot.  48 ballers ready to roll.  We received a lot of requests to be captains this season.  Nice.

(10/8/18, 3:15 pm):  Opening night is tomorrow!  Please arrive at the gym at the Knights of Columbus at 7:45 pm to sign in, grab your jersey, and submit you $6 referee fee.  Opening night rosters and additional information will be posted here shortly.