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(2/24/19):  The complete league roster and schedule is now live here!  Good luck in the season ahead!

(2/19/19): Opening Nights Rosters:

(2/19/19):  The Captains for Season 5 are as follows:  Joe Zogaria, Rashaan McGrath, Aaron Vancamp, Baltazar ‘Sonny’ Abraham, Marcus Hervey and Chris Forte.  We had 12 people total volunteer to be captains and picked the six captains based on their seniority and history in the league.  Thanks to everyone for stepping up and good luck to the six captains selected.

(2/18/19):  That’s a wrap!  Thanks everyone for signing up!  We now have a full slate of players.  The rosters and schedule for tomorrow nights games will be posted shortly.  We will see everyone tomorrow night at 7:45 pm.  Please make sure to bring $6 for the referee fee. 

(2/18/19):  Hang tight for rosters!  We’re still trying to recruit two more players.  Please arrive at the gym at 7:45 pm tomorrow night.  We will post the rosters and schedule for tomorrow’s games once we get the final two players.

(2/12/19):  We still need seven more players!  Please spread the word.  New players can register right online.

(2/12/19):  Opening night is Tuesday the 19th!  Please arrive at the gym at the Knights of Columbus at 7:45 pm to sign in, grab your jersey, and submit your $6 referee fee.  Opening night rosters and additional information will be posted here shortly.