Thanks for signing up for Season 6 of our Co-Ed Youth League (Ages 6-8)! Please stay posted to this thread for updated scheduling, roster info and other league details as they break over the next couple weeks!

(3/15/19):  Tomorrow is game day!  Good luck to everyone! 

We are officially underway and are off to a very smooth start to the season.  The first games of the year start tomorrow!
Here are a couple things for the fans, coaches, and volunteers to keep in mind to help things run smoothly during the season:
1. Coaches and scorekeepers please make sure to sign in the first and last name of your team each week at their games.  This helps us track stats, learn about each participant, and keep things organized.  The full roster list is listed online and we will try to have it available on game days.
2.  Sportsmanship is critical:  There should only be POSITIVE cheering from the stands.  There should be absolutely no swearing from the coaches, players or fans.  All teams and players are expected to line up and shake hands after each game.  People who continually violate the principles of good sportsmanship will be removed from the league and the NBCC. Lets all make sure we do our best to contribute to a positive atmosphere for the kids to learn and grow under.
3.  We do keep track of fouls:  Six fouls and you will foul out.  This keeps things from getting out of hand when games are close and played aggressively.
4.  Playing time:  Playing time is split 50/50 for each game.  At the halfway point of each quarter one lineup comes out and another comes in.  Come playoff time, coaches can play who they want based on skill level for the fourth quarter only.
5.  Time Outs:  Each team gets four timeouts per game.  There are no restrictions on when they need to be used.
6.  Jump Balls:  Awarded to the team based on the possession arrow.
7.  Defense:  Players must wait until the ball crosses half court to play defense.

(3/7/19):  The entire practice and game schedule is now live here!  The practice schedule is listed on top and the game schedule below.  Good luck in the season ahead!

(3/4/19):  SCHEDULING ALERT:  Today’s 5:20 pm practice has been postponed to 6:05 pm due to a scheduling conflict at the NBCC and Tuesday’s 5:20 pm practice has been cancelled.  Sorry for the late notice and inconvenience.

(3/1/2019):  We need to make a few edits to the rosters.  We will post the edited rosters shortly. 

(2/28/2019):  The league schedule will be posted here shortly!  Stay tuned.  We appreciate your patience.

(2/28/2019):  Introducing the Spring 2019 Co-Ed Youth League rosters!  We did not have enough volunteers to put an assistant coach on each team.  If you did not sign up to volunteer when you registered but are willing to help out, please let the head coach of your team know.  For some of the coaches, we didn’t verify the coaches name when the participant registered, so by default we used the primary guardian’s name.  If the volunteer is someone different please let us know and we will adjust accordingly.  Good luck to all in the season ahead!

(2/24/2019):  Opening day was great!  Thanks to everyone for coming out and taking part in getting another season rolling!  Here is the schedule as of now for the next couple weeks:

Thursday (2/28): Rosters, coaches and teams announced!
Saturday (3/2): Healthy Buffalo Goes to Quicken Loans Arena (No games or practices)
Monday-Wednesday (3/4, 3/5, 3/6): First team practices.
Saturday (3/9):  Second team practices.
Monday-Wednesday (3/11, 3/12, 3/13):  Third team practices.
Saturday (3/16):  Week 1 Games (Opening Day!)

(2/21/2019):  Opening day is this Saturday, February 23rd!

(2/21/2019):  All games and practices are at the North Buffalo Community Center located at 203 Sanders Rd, Buffalo, NY 14216.

(2/20/2019) Opening Day Schedule: On opening day we have our welcome and introduction, sign-in, player evaluation, team placement, and practice.  Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time to get signed in, warmed up and ready to go!  All players should come in gym clothes and sneakers.

11:30 am: All new players
12:30 pm:  All returning players

(2/20/2019) Registration Update:  The league is almost full!  There will be no opening day registration.  If you plan on joining the league please register as soon as possible!  Here is the link to register.  Sold Out!